One of the reasons people get external hard drives is so that they can carry them around and bring them wherever they go. Naturally all this back and forth will more than likely result in the occasional drop of the hard drive, which can be cringe-worthy, especially if it’s from a great height.

Since another reason people buy external hard drives is for backup purposes, dropping and destroying your backup, especially when you need it most, seems highly counter intuitive which is why A-Data Technology has launched their third Superior Series portable hard drive, the SH14.

Featuring a rugged, silicon outer shell, the SH14 is said to be able to be both shock and water resistant, which means for those butter fingers out there, when you see the SH14 slip out of your hands, your heart won’t be dropping along with it. It will also feature USB 3.0 connectivity which will allow for speedy transfers.

It is available in three different sizes, with the 500GB coming in at €59.90, the 750GB at €71.90 and the 1TB at €92.90. It does seem to be slightly more expensive than regular external hard drives, but given the ruggedness and the USB 3.0 connectivity, we can understand why.

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