Adobe Muse

If you’re into website design and your work well with Adobe’s graphic tools, you’re going to love Adobe’s upcoming software –Muse (at least that’s its code name for now). Adobe has just released the public beta of its next generation web-design program. It truly eliminates the need for a designer to know code when it comes to creating a website. With Muse, Adobe plans to completely do away with website coding and let designers do what they do best – just design when it comes to creating a website.


With Adobe Muse, there will be no more need to worry about how a certain website is going to work – with a great user interface that will be familiar to Adobe software users, and common tools found in their programs, people can get right into it from the get go. It features easy to use sitemaps, master pages, and site-wide tools to make website layout planning fast and intuitive, the ability to directly drop in Adobe files (i.e. PSD), options for embedding HTML (i.e. to insert YouTube videos and Google Maps), and of course the ability to export the website so that it’s ready to be uploaded, fully functional, and working; to your web host.

While the program is still a while away from completion, Adobe has decided to release a public beta for users everywhere to give it a shot, and of course offer helpful feedback so that it can improve the software before its final release. Head over to Adobe’s website to find out more and download the beta of Adobe Muse now, or watch the promo video to see what Adobe Muse is all about:

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