Amazon’s upcoming tablets have long been touted as tablets that are most likely to give Apple’s iPad 2 a run for its money, but then again many manufacturers and brands have boasted the same, but with HP’s drastic price cuts for its TouchPad there have been rumors that Amazon may be thinking about doing something similar and pricing their tablets cheap to give them an edge. Now in another rumor by Digitimes, it seems that if you were hoping to get your hands on the 10.1” version tablet by Amazon, you may be out of luck this year.

According to the report, production for the 10.1” tablet will only begin in the first quarter of 2011 by Foxconn, the same company behind Apple’s iPad and iPhone. The good news is that the rumor is saying that the 7” tablet by Amazon is still on track for an October release.

As with most, if not all rumors, it’s best taken with a grain of salt. However when you think about it, why would Amazon purposely put out two tablets at the same time and compete against each other? Not to mention with the rumors claiming that the iPad 3 will be released next year, perhaps Amazon is looking to compete with their 10.1” offering.

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