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Touch screen functionality coming to ultrabooks?
One of the reasons Intel has been pushing the ultrabook standard pretty hard is due to the recent increase of tablet adoption. With laptops starting to look more bulky compared to a tablet, Intel wanted a happy middle that would give users the power of a laptop with the portability of a tablet. Now according to Digitimes’ sources, it seems that ultrabooks may be taking it one step further with […]

NVIDIA, Qualcomm,TI to supply ARM processors for Windows 8 tablets?
Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform is expected to be both a desktop software and a mobile platform for tablet as well, and if Digitimes’ latest piece of rumor is to be believed, it seems that we can expect a variety of Windows 8 tablets that run on a variety of different processors from NVIDIA, Qualcomm and TI (Texas Instruments).

Acer and Lenovo to debut quad-core tablets in 2012
With ASUS launching the first quad-core Android tablet this year and HTC’s plan to focus on quad-core devices next year, we guess we can’t say that we’re too surprised to learn that both Acer and Lenovo are looking to get on board the quad-core bandwagon too. According to Digitimes both Acer and Lenovo are set to launch quad-core tablet PCs in the first quarter of 2012.

HTC may have plans to release a Chromebook of their own
While Google’s Chrome OS has its perks and its memorable moments, unfortunately there have been reports that have indicated that the sale of Chromebooks by Acer and Samsung have been underwhelming. However it seems that HTC is looking to defy those odds by releasing a Chromebook of their own, at least that’s according to a recent report by Digitimes.


Apple to update iOS to support NFC in 2012?
We know that an iPhone with NFC is an old rumor, but it seems that it has managed to be revived again with a new report by Digitimes. The report is claiming that according to smartphone manufacturers, Apple has plans to add support to iOS come 2012 and possibly in conjunction with the next iPhone.

Amazon's 8.9" Kindle Fire could come in Q2 2012
Amazon released their brand new 7” Kindle Fire tablet not too long ago, and we know that Amazon has more tablets in the works (and a smartphone too if the rumors are to be believed). These upcoming tablets will be larger than 7” and are supposedly in the 8.9” and 10.1” variety. A recent report by Digitimes has revealed that if you were looking forward to a larger Kindle Fire […]

Acer and ASUS scale back ultrabook production
The ultrabooks put out by both Acer and ASUS were originally intended to compete against Apple’s MacBook Air, with the hope that they could offer something better than the MacBook Air and give Apple a run for their money. As it turns out the sales of the first month’s ultrabooks by both Acer and ASUS did not perform to their satisfaction, thus causing both companies to scale back production of […]

Rise in Facebook iPhone users could indicate how well the iPhone 4S is doing
Just yesterday Digitimes reported that according to their sources, Apple was reportedly cutting down on the production of the iPhone 4S due to sales not being what they had originally imagined it to be. This is a bit hard to believe considering that the iPhone 4S had shattered the sales record of the iPhone 4 by nearly double, although to be honest we’re guessing that there were plenty of users […]

Apple's iPhone in 2012 to feature 4G LTE connectivity?
With more carriers starting to roll out LTE coverage, such as AT&T who started not too long ago, with Sprint planning to start rolling out coverage of their own, and with Verizon who has been aggressively pushing out LTE coverage over the past few months, it’s only natural that more of our phones are starting to see compatibility with LTE networks, and we’re guessing it’s only a matter of time […]

Acer, ASUS to adopt fiberglass casings for future ultrabooks?
One of the reasons why computer manufacturers are slow in adopting ultrabooks, even though they want to, is due to the costs of manufacturing. Now in order to reduce the costs of manufacturing and hopefully find a way to undercut Apple’s MacBook Air, Digitimes has reported that both Acer and ASUS are turning to an alternative material to be used as the casing of their ultrabooks.

Apple reportedly working on curved cover glass for iOS devices next year?
Wondering what the next Apple device could look like? It looks like the curved cover glass rumors are back again, although it was not specified this time as to which Apple device would be graced with a curved cover glass.

Amazon's 10.1" tablet delayed until 2012 (Rumor)
Amazon’s upcoming tablets have long been touted as tablets that are most likely to give Apple’s iPad 2 a run for its money, but then again many manufacturers and brands have boasted the same, but with HP’s drastic price cuts for its TouchPad there have been rumors that Amazon may be thinking about doing something similar and pricing their tablets cheap to give them an edge. Now in another rumor […]

Samsung thinking about buying webOS? (Rumor)
When HP announced that they would be discontinuing webOS for their smartphones and tablets, and that they were considering moving away from the PC business to focus on the enterprise market instead, there were rumors that Samsung was thinking about acquiring HP’s division, a rumor that was quickly denied later by Samsung themselves. Perhaps it was not the PC division that Samsung was interested in, but rather webOS, or that’s […]

iPad 2 to face more delays again?
It wasn’t too long ago when Apple was plagued by iPad 2 shortages which were allegedly caused in part by LG Display, who shipped a batch of faulty displays that apparently caused light leakages. Slowly but surely Apple managed to get things back on track and have recently managed to bring down their estimated shipping time back to 24 hours, but it appears that it might have only been a […]

Apple and Samsung rumored to be evaluating organic solar powered devices
We all know that Apple is pro-environment, boasting environmentally friendly materials used for the construction of their products, so despite the fact that there are now rumors that Apple and Samsung are looking into building solar powered devices, we can’t say that it’s not too big a stretch of the imagination.

New MacBook Air to arrive in June/July?
Industry insiders, DigiTimes, believe that a refresh to the MacBook Air will be arriving this year in a couple of months – according to their sources. Apparently the Taiwan-based supply chain for Apple products will begin shipping new 11.6″ and 13.3″ MacBook Air models in late May in time for a June or July launch.The new MacBook Air notebooks will feature Sandy Bridge processors as well as Thunderbolt ports. Nothing […]