Ever since Google emerged as the search engine king all those years ago, they never really looked back, growing from strength to strength that at times, seemed unbelievable and phenomenal. Well, Microsoft has certainly not thrown in the towel just yet, as they know there is still the war to be won no matter how bad the odds are against them at the moment. Microsoft has a new Bing prototype known as DeskBar, where this piece of downloadable software will first see action on personal computers, and depending on its reception, it might even be incorporated into smartphones and tablets.

The DeskBar appeared in early June as a prototype, where it has its work cut out for it – including sorting information by categories such as people, documents and Web sites. All that information will be carefully presented in large on-screen icons, or tiles, and will go on to make sure you see the most recent, relevant and frequently used results.

To put it in a nutshell, Microsoft wants to break out from search by making it far more inclusive in your everyday computer use where the digital lifestyle is concerned. It remains to be seen whether that can be accomplished, but as Microsoft is still cash rich, why not?

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