There is nothing quite like rolling back the years by indulging in a little bit of nostalgia – and for hardcore gamers, surely you would have had your fair share of games on the MS-DOS platform? Ah, to run a game directly from a command prompt seemed to be so far removed from today’s mouse clicking crowd, and there will always be a group of people who would love giving DOS games a go even now. NaClBox is actually a DOSBox port that enables DOS games to be played on the Google Chrome browser. Yes, that’s right – you can experience titles such as the classic Star Wars Tie Fighter complete with multi-voice MIDI sound and VGA graphics, now how about that?

You would need to turn on the Chrome Native Client in order to play old school games that are extremely memorable. Having said that, you will need to type “about:flags” (sans quotation marks, of course) in the Chrome address bar, look for the section titled “Native Client”, click on “Enable” and restart Chrome.

It surely jogs the imagination that this game can be played under the Chrome operating system in the browser itself sans virtually any lag. What are some of the other classic DOS games that you want to give a shot – Sam & Max?

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