Given that our smartphones can do pretty much everything we do on a computer – edit text files, images, music, surf the web, take photos, watch HD movies, stream internet content, etc, it’s not surprising that battery life has become a huge issue. Back in the day of the feature phone, battery seemed to last forever and you could yak on the phone for hours and still have enough to last you several days. Try doing that with your smartphone and before you know it, it’s time to recharge.

Well it looks like walda, a member of XDA forums, has come up with a way to help you monitor your Android device’s battery through his app, DrainGuard. Just a quick heads up, the app does not actively help you to conserve battery, but rather it provides you with information about your battery so that you will be more aware and will be able to monitor it more precisely.

It collects data such as how long has it been since your last charge, how long have you had your screen on/off, and even shows you the percentage of how much battery is being drained while your screen is on/off. This should be pretty handy too, especially if you think that something is up with your phone and is draining battery too quickly. For example if one day you realized that only after 5 hours of unplugging your device, battery has dropped to 50%, as opposed to previously where it dropped to only 85%.

Granted there are variables in involved, like streaming HD videos will definitely eat a chunk of your battery, while texting or making phone calls shouldn’t. Either way if you’re the type of person who enjoys keeping track of things, perhaps DrainGuard could be the app you’re looking for.

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