Who says that Fruit Ninja is just a simple game that has no way to benefit society on hold apart from reducing their efficiency at work because highly addictive casual games have this strange manner of having you come back time and again? It seems that Fruit Ninja for the iPad is also capable of assisting stroke patients in their rehabilitation, as neuroscientists in Australia have discovered.

Sydney-based neuroscientists Stuart Smith and Penelope McNulty of Neuroscience Research Australia did make use of different iPad and Wii games for stroke patients to play with, so that these physical “exercises” will speed up the rehabilitation process in a fun manner.

Fruit Ninja did yield surprisingly better results among the lot, and this just jives with what dieticians have been telling us all this time – eating a whole lot of fruits are good for your health, and how the heck are you supposed to eat them if you do not give them a good slicin’ and dicin’ first?

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