Gold ignot USB drive

Looking for an attention-grabbing USB drive to store your data in? You’re in luck, because nothing comes flashier than this USB flash drive that resembles a gold ingot. Made from wood – Japanese bigleaf magnolia to be precise, it’s coated with high-quality gold leaf from Kanazawa City in the Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan. Kanazawa is a city known for its association with the gold leaf, with its name literally translated to English means “marsh of gold”. The city accounts for 99% of Japan’s high-quality gold leaf and it is used extensively in products produced in the city – so you know this gold leaf is the real deal.

So what it makes up for in style, it lacks in size, with a storage capacity of only 4GB. And as expected, it features a high price tag of approximately $186. And because each drive is made-to-order, purchases cannot be cancelled, though I don’t see why anybody would want to cancel their order for one unless they had previously made it in a drunken stupor. If the gold-leaf-plated USB drive tickles your fancy and is within your budget, head over to GeekStuff4U to purchase it.

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