Google logoIt seems that lately all the big boys in the tech industry have been taking swings at each other. We have Apple vs Samsung, Apple vs Motorola, Sony vs LG (who have since settled their lawsuit), and now possibly Google vs Microsoft?

It appears that Google is attempting to get a US International Trade Commission judge from barring an expert witness in the Microsoft vs Motorola lawsuit.

If you’ve forgotten why, or have lost track due to the number of lawsuits going on at the moment, Microsoft is attempting to make Motorola pay them royalties for for patents that Microsoft is claiming that they own, which in turn is being used in Android mobile operating systems. If that sounds familiar, it’s because HTC is currently paying Microsoft about $5 per Android phone in royalties for using their patent.

Google is now claiming that Microsoft shared highly confidential source codes from Android with their expert witness. It may sound ironic because Android is an open source project, but normally, the Android source code is “highly confidential” until Google decides to make it public. Since we aren’t privy to the details of the ongoing lawsuit, it’s hard to comment beyond that. We wonder how Microsoft accessed the source code to start with.

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