Intel issued a statement that they will be introducing a spanking new firmware upgrade in a fortnight’s time that will kiss goodbye to the bug that had caused its SSD 320 solid state drives to fail. Better late than never goes the old proverb, but we would have liked to see a far faster response after months of criticism that were sent towards Intel’s way.


It all began a few months ago when users actually experienced problems that arose whenever a power loss resulted in Intel’s SSD 320 drive to crash, wiping out data on it in some instances. Upon rebooting the system, the system BIOS would delivers a shocker to most folks – showing off only 8MB of storage capacity on the SSD. Intel did step forward to acknowledge the bug last month, and at least they are about to set things right.

At this point in time, the new firmware update is in final validation testing phase, where it will arrive on Intel Communities within the next couple of weeks. If you are one of the affected, you can install the upcoming firmware update without having to perform a secure erase of the drive. Bear in mind that your lost data will still remain unrecoverable.

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