The summer heat can be cruel especially when driving and you’re stuck in a traffic jam. Sure the air-con could help to cool your face and upper body, but ever notice that it fails to cool your bottom or back of your thighs? So you could step out of the car with a cool face and upper body but find out your pants or skirt are clinging to the back of your body which is not a very flattering look and neither is it a very comfortable experience either.

It seems that Thanko has managed to come up with a solution for those problems with their water-cooling cushion. How it works is through the use of a water pump that will pump water around the cushion, keeping your back and bottom cool during a particularly hot ride home. It claims to be able to keep you cool for around 6-8 hours and dropping temperatures from 55-60 ℃ to 28 ℃ within 5 seconds.

It can be powered by a cigarette lighter adapter found in cars or with an AC adapter which means that its use is not just limited to cars but also to home and anywhere with an AC adapter. It will cost ¥14,800 which roughly converts to $191 and will be available from Thanko’s website.

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