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Thanko Android SmartTV Brings A New Lease Of Life To Your TV
Everything around us these days seem to have to come with a mandatory “smart” moniker – we have smartphones, smart houses, smart cars, smart buildings, and smart TVs. Well, if you happen to have a dumbed down TV, so to speak, and wished that you could see it upgraded to being a smart TV but do not want to fork out too much money for it, then you might want […]

Thanko Camera Does Aerial Shots
Thanko lets you capture shots from above with a new aerial camera add-on.

Thanko USB Shoes Cooler
Thanko's USB Shoes Cooler might be a hot selling item this summer.

Thanko Self-Shot Stick
Here is a self-shot stick from Thanko to make your self-portraits a cinch.


This Tiny Camera From Thanko Is More Useful Than You Think
The folks in Japan sometimes come up with some pretty creative gadgets, usually novel, but creative nonetheless. If you’re in the market for such a novel gadget, Thanko has a miniature camera that you might want to take a look at. This is not the first miniature camera we’ve seen, and by miniature we don’t mean that it is compact, but as you can see in the image above, is […]

Thanko Prism Glasses Gives Your Neck A Respite
Sometimes, being all uptight and formal is just not our style. After all, why be so formal when you can sit back and relax when the situation allows it, especially after you have had a particularly difficult day at the office? I guess this is where this pair of Thanko Prism Glasses is all about. There are moments when you just want to kick your shoes off, relax and lie […]

Thanko Video Recorder Works After Your Car Gets Bumped
Having a video recorder in your vehicle is a novel idea, as it would definitely be able to capture some of the more questionable moments when an accident occurs. Well, sometimes, if the video recorder works when we are not around, it is also a good thing, as you can then have an idea as to who the culprit is who scratched or dented your ride when you were not […]

USB Futon Mouse pad warmer helps you prepare for winter
The bitter chill of winter will soon be upon us, at least for the folks living in the northern hemisphere. Trust the Japanese to come up with some pretty funky accessories for all of you desk-bound computer users, and this time around, we have the USB Futon Mouse pad warmer. Brace yourself, winter is coming – according to Lord Eddard Stark. Hailing from gadget mavens Thanko, the USB Futon Mouse […]

iTable: the only multipurpose dock you'll need
We’ve previously covered products called “iTable” in the past, but none of them are like Thanko’s latest offering. I can’t really sum up what it is in one word, so I’ll just use multipurpose dock here. It’s basically a long plastic bench which you can connect to your computer via USB. It packs a memory card reader, PC speaker, HDD SATA dock, cup holder, business card holder and a USB […]

Thanko Android HDMI stick is no different from the rest
So, you want one of those smart TVs from Samsung, but do not really have the financial means to see one of those attractively designed puppies parked right smack in the middle of your living room? Fret not, there are always workarounds for most situations, and the new Thanko Android HDMI stick (also known as ANDHDM2S) will be able to fill up this niche. This particular device will run on […]

USB Thanko Foot Cooler
Smelly feet could prove to be a rather disastrous social faux pas for many, so it makes perfect sense to ensure that your feet remain nice smelling at all times. Apart from making sure the right kind of treatment is applied to your feet at the end of a long day at work, shoe and sock deodorizers will also come in handy. If you are at the office, you might […]

Thanko USB Cool Cushion 2 ups the ante
Thanko, the purveyors of strange electronics, have come up with this particularly striking update to their original USB-powered butt cooler, calling it the USB Cool Cushion 2. When you first look at it, nothing much seems to have changed from its predecessor, boasting a tiny 5-volt fan that aims to circulate fresh air all over your butt. What makes this decent is, there is no software installation required prior to […]

LED 720p Mini Video Watch by Thanko
Although in many of our minds, calculator watches will always be the coolest watch ever, this one does give it a run for its money. This watch with its LED neo-futuristic design contains features that allow users to film movies at a staggering 720p resolution, can shoot photos and record sound. Obviously with no additional large xenon flash strapped to your other hand or forehead, you can imagine how anything […]

Thanko USB Eye Warmer
I know, I know, sitting in front of the computer all day long while churning out report after report as well as spreadsheets are not exactly most people’s idea of fun, but as long as it puts food on the table, if you get my drift. Having said that, many of us do end up with a case of tired eyes after a while, and you might want to put […]

Bicycle Dynamo USB Charger by Thanko
If you’re the type of multitask, or if you’re looking for a good way to motivate yourself to exercise, this bicycle dynamo USB charger by Thanko could be just what you are looking for. As the name implies, you will be able to charge your device simply by pedaling the bicycle, which is great especially if you’re someone who relies on a bicycle as their main mode of transportation.

Thanko Slim 720p DVR Watch with built-in spy cam
Notice anything particular about the watch above? If you said the missing number “12”, you’d be right. In fact, in place of the “12” lies a camera, which means that if you enjoy taking photos discretely or would love to know what playing a spy feels like, Thanko’s Slim 720p DVR watch could be just what you need.

Liquid cooling cushion keeps you cool during the summer
The summer heat can be cruel especially when driving and you’re stuck in a traffic jam. Sure the air-con could help to cool your face and upper body, but ever notice that it fails to cool your bottom or back of your thighs? So you could step out of the car with a cool face and upper body but find out your pants or skirt are clinging to the back […]

Thanko introduces the USB-powered necktie clip cooler
If you’re in the mood for something silly and frivolous, then we have to ask, will a USB-powered necktie clip cooler do the trick? If yes, then perhaps you might be interested in checking out Thanko’s latest offering which is the USB-powered necktie clip cooler, and is available from their website (unfortunately only limited to those living in Japan) for $35.

Thanko's "Hot Cool Box" Doubles As A Mini USB Fridge And Heater
When winter comes, you want a nice, hot beverage in your hand, but when summer hits, you want nothing more than a nice, cold drink. Well it looks like Thanko may have the solution for you in the form of their “Hot Cool Box” which supposedly has the ability to keep drinks cold, or heat things up when desired.

Cool Your Bottom This Summer With The USB Seat Cooler
Summer is hot, we get it, and sitting in our chairs all day will result in some pretty sweaty thighs and bottoms, unless of course you have the luxury of sitting in an air-conditioned room all day. For those who are not so fortunate, Thanko has the solution for you in the form of the “AC Ass Cushion”, or better known as the USB Seat Cooler. It fits on top […]