Want to give your bricked Motorola Photon 4G a second chance at its mobile life? If you have answered in the affirmative because a previous attempt at updating the system software with an illegal copy ended up as a botched operation, then this system boot file leak ought to be something you would jump at with two hands. Read on more about it in the extended post.

Leaked over at the XDA Developer’s forums, it is nice to know that resurrecting your Photon 4G is but a cinch – just bear in mind that the Motorola Photon 4G will need to be activated again after the SBF (System Boot File) is applied.

Obviously, whatever previous rooting attempts that you made (which resulted in the bricking process) will be removed, but that’s a small issue now that the Photon 4G is living and breathing again, no? Best to keep a copy of it for good if the more curious side of you starts to experiment with various root kits on the Photon 4G again, or if you want to tinker with unofficial system updates.

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