A couple of days back we reported that Nintendo had announced a new look for their Wii gaming console. At the time of writing it was unclear as to whether Nintendo would keep the price similar to the current version of the Wii, or if it would see a price drop.


At Gamescom, more was revealed as Nintendo announced that the newly designed Wii will come with a cheaper price tag, thus making it more attractive to customers who may have held back buying a Wii back then due to its price.

Unfortunately this new Wii will come with several drawbacks, and for starters it appears that there are currently no plans to launch the newly designed Wii outside of the European market. The next piece of bad news is that if you happen to own several GameCube titles, it seems that the streamlined Wii will not be providing any GameCube support, which was one of the ways that they managed to make the new Wii smaller and slimmer. The portion of the original Wii that supported GameCube controller along with the GameCube memory slots have been removed, thus making the device slimmer.

While Nintendo mentioned that this new Wii would be cheaper, they unfortunately did not mention any specific price, so if you’re not too fussed about getting a device that may very well be replaced by the Wii U next year, a cheaper Nintendo Wii sounds like a perfect Christmas gift.

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