TabCo video

Remember the mysterious TabCo viral videos that popped up last month? Well it looks like the company has released another one, this time with higher production value than the previous videos, using loads of computer graphics and random extras to tell a story. The video depicts a whole bunch of people who are all dressed the same and using a tablet while walking to their deaths off the side of a cliff.

A man dressed in black appears on another cliff opposite the people and signals them to stop. He then closes the chasm in between them and provides them with a new tablet which is symbolizes the key to paradise on his side of the cliff. Other than saying the tablet is the way to freedom and happiness, the video doesn’t say anything else about the tablet, which is disappointing especially for those of us who want to find out more.

But it looks like the wait is coming to an end as TabCo has announced that in two weeks – August 15th, it will be publicly unveiling what they’ve been cleverly marketing all these months. With so much hype build up for the tablet, let’s hope it’s worth the wait. Check out the video for yourself:

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