Hmmm, does bling in gizmos and gadgets actually carry much weight in this world? Perhaps, especially if you love to have fragments of dinosaur bones in your tablet, and this time around, we have something far more affordable for you – the first designer tablet PC in the UK, known as the Pierre Cardin Tablet PC. Expect this particular model to combine both elegant design and user-friendly technology in a single package.


Specially developed to meet the needs of brand-conscious technology users, the Pierre Cardin Tablet PC will be powered by the Android operating system (seriously, they’re rather short on options here since iOS is out of the question, and why opt for Windows when Android is doing rather well in this category?), boasting 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can always remain connected no matter where you are.

There is also a USB port which I think is able to let you plug in a keyboard or a mouse if the situation calls for it – in addition to downloading data off a USB flash drive, of course. The 7″ display is a multi-touch capacitive screen, and apart from that, we do not have further information on this £275 purchase. Heck, even the product page is rather scant on details…

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