If you are going to make it through a first person shooter alive, then you had better well get a good gaming keyboard to go alongside your favorite FPS title. After all, the regular office keyboard is not going to make the cut, as keys there tend to get all jammed up especially when you press a bunch of buttons simultaneously, and to commemorate Battlefield 3’s launch, here’s a gaming keyboard that is hoped to rise up to the occasion.

The Razer Battlefield 3 BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard will boast of heavy-duty mechanical key infrastructure that delivers crisp, tactile feedback and faster keystroke actuation during your more frenetic gaming moments. It is also fully backlit, so you can always duke it out in the dark without your fingers losing their way. With 5-levels of lighting to choose from, you shouldn’t be able to go wrong.

You can even perform on-the-fly macro recording during the more relaxed moments in a game so that you can be better prepared to meet a slew of enemies in a hail of gunfire with complex key commands being summarized into a bunch of macros. The Razer Battlefield 3 BlackWidow Ultimate gaming keyboard will arrive in the market later this October 25th for $139.99. [Press Release]

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