Ever wondered what you would look like if your nose was a bit sharper or smaller, or how you would look like without that double chin or what it would be like to have double eyelids? If you are, researchers at the University of London are developing a augmented reality “mirror” that basically allows you to tweak your features.

While you can always snap a photo and upload it into Photoshop and edit it, the software is looking to make those edits on the fly, so instead of you pasting additional features on your face, it instead makes a 3D map of your face, allowing you to make whatever tweaks you’re interested in seeing.

Apart from using it to check the possible results of plastic surgery, it can also be used to apply virtual “makeup”, meaning if women were to walk into cosmetic stores, instead of removing their current makeup or testing out the colors on the back of their hands, they can instead put on “makeup” via the augmented reality mirror. Pretty interesting concept, but we have to wonder what other applications can be used with this augmented reality mirror.

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