RIM vs the WorldAccording to fresh research numbers from NPD, RIM/Blackberry is experiencing another 3% leg down in terms of overall smartphone market share. This gives RIM an 11% market share, while Apple has 29% and Android has 52%. Downwards pressure momentum continues for RIM, and despite a fresh batch of new smartphones, this is likely to continue. Our own review of the Bold 9900 reveals that despite real improvements, Blackberry devices continue to be on the defensive.RIM will try to turn the tide next year when its Blackberry phones will use a new QNX operating system (OS), which is similar to what the Blackberry Playbook is using. That said, QNX has not been able to get RIM ahead of the curve in the tablet market, so we will have to see how much it will help in the smartphone space. It is nonetheless a must-do transition for RIM.


As we enter the back-to-school and holiday seasons, it is likely that Android and iOS make further gains as new devices come out. Sometime this year, Microsoft will also launch its Windows Phone offensive with Nokia. Of course, Apple is expect to launch the iPhone 5 within a month.

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