PSP E-1000

Instead of announcing more news about the upcoming PlayStation Vita, Sony decided to announce the launch of a new PlayStation Portable: the PSP E-1000 at Gamescon today. Designed for folks on a budget, the PSP E-1000 will only be available in Europe and will cost 99 Euros. It functions just like a regular PSP with one major caveat: it won’t have any WiFi connectivity. Games will be played on the E-1000 through UMDs or transferred from the PlayStation Store via Media Go using a computer.

With a large catalog of PSP games available for purchase, it looks like Sony doesn’t want it to disappear by letting folks get their hands on a cheaper, inexpensive console to play them on. Following the budget theme, Sony will also be releasing a new rage of PSP Essential titles: basically games with a budget price tagged on (9.99 Euros).

While it does sound like a good idea, crippling the device by removing its WiFi is going to have a lot of folks complaining. No internet surfing, multiplayer gaming or even downloading games straight onto the device itself. I guess some people can live with that, but is the exclusion of a WiFi radio really worth the low price tag? What do you guys think?

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