For the majority of us, we tend to have at least one USB flash drive handy with us at all times – after all, you can’t really tell whether you need to transfer data from a colleague’s notebook or computer, or perhaps send a file over to your mate without going through the intranet. Unfortunately, most USB flash drives are rather ordinary in their design, taking on the now famous rectangular form factor, some with a protective cap while others use a slide-out USB connector mechanism. How about remaining stylish and yet hiding your techie streak in this beautifully crafted USB Flash Drive Cufflinks?

Now available in 8GB capacities, that means each of these tiny cufflinks will carry 4GB of data within. Surely with a pair of USB flash drives within reach at all times, you won’t find yourself in an awkward position of being unprepared whenever someone asks you for a USB flash drive to copy some essential files over to you. Available in many designs that some might find to be rather gaudy, they won’t come cheap at $225 a pop.

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