Xperia Play

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play didn’t cause a huge splash in the mobile/gaming scene due to the Android phone not living up to the hype for the device and its lack of games. The phone was decently spec’d with dedicated physical buttons for playing games – you would think that would have been enough. But the controller’s lack of compatibility with most games on the Android Market meant that users had to get games directly from Sony.

And as usual, gamers love triple-A titles, and there aren’t too many of them at the moment. Well all that is about to change in the near future, according to a recent statement from Sony at Gamescom this week. Tim Harrison, Sony Ericsson’s head of content marketing and strategy mentioned that Sony will be focusing on content to in response to criticisms about the lack of titles for the device.

No specific time frame was given, but they intend to push more games out in time for the end of year holiday season. So for those of you with Xperia Play phones – you should probably hang on to it for just a few more months if you’re thinking of selling it off. Let’s hope Sony Ericsson doesn’t disappoint.

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