While we have our e-readers and e-books, it looks like author Terry Deary has taken that to the next level, by writing a book entirely on his mobile phone, which is his attempt at getting the youth generation to start reading more books.

The current generation seems to be largely focused on their computers, smartphones, tablets, portable gaming consoles and whatnot, so in order to appeal the idea of reading to them, Terry Deary has written a new book entitled “The Perfect Poison Pills”, which is a dark comedy aimed at young adults. His inspiration for this idea seems to have stemmed from the popular Japanese “keitai” (which refers to mobile phone culture in Japan), the author managed to write a novel entirely on his Nokia E6.

Each chapter is only 70-100 words long, with the entire novel being about 1,500 words long, this is definitely nowhere near the amount of words you would find in a regular novel in the book store, but it’s still an accomplishment nonetheless. While we have e-books and e-readers that were meant to digitize books and content, who would have thought to write a book entirely on their phones FOR mobile phones?

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