Amazon announced its new Matchbook program that would allow those who purchase a physical copy of a book to receive a discount for the e-book version of that same piece of literature just last month. Bookworms can now raise both their physical books and e-books and cheer as Amazon’s Matchbook service is now available.

Amazon’s Kindle Matchbook service will allow you to pick up an e-book version of a physical book you already purchased anywhere between $2.99 or completely free, based on the title. At its launch, over 70,000 books are currently available to use the Kindle Matchbook service with Amazon recognizing purchases that were made as far as 1995, which is when the company started selling books. Some notable titles that are currently compatible are Life of Pi, Johnny Carson WOOL, The Alchemist and All-New X-MEN Vol 1.

If your favorite book isn’t available through Kindle Matchbook, you should’t lose hope as Amazon says they will continue adding new titles to the list every day. Just make sure you purchased that book through Amazon in the first place, or else the Kindle Matchbook service will kind of be a complete waste for you anyways.

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