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How To Listen To Audio Books (Android)
Audio Books are basically audio recordings of books narrated by a popular celebrity or volunteers. Audio Book are great source of relaxing entertainment.In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to listen to audio books on your Android device using both free and paid apps.

Apple Fined $450M For Fixing Book Prices
Apple might have one of the largest market capitalizations around, and needless to say, they are a very rich company. However, $450 million is no chump change, either, but that is the fine that Apple has to pay after being found guilty of fixing the prices of books – while bringing down the curtain on a long-running fight.

Amazon Kindle Matchook Service Now Live; Supports 70,000 Books
Amazon announced its new Matchbook program that would allow those who purchase a physical copy of a book to receive a discount for the e-book version of that same piece of literature just last month. Bookworms can now raise both their physical books and e-books and cheer as Amazon’s Matchbook service is now available.

San Antonio Poised To Launch First Bookless Public Library
The world is going completely digital, and Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff is walking into that direction as well. Being the bookworm that he is with over 1,000 first editions in his private collection, Wolff plans to create a new countywide library system that is entirely bookless. Yes, Wolff is on a mission to establish the country’s first bookless public library, and he wants to call it “BiblioTech.” Apparently Wolff […]


Google Play Books Updated With Read Aloud, Pinch-Zoom, & Double-Tap-Zoom Features
Avid readers will love to hear that Google Play Books has just been updated with a slew of nifty features. First, users can now listen to most flowing text books using the “Read aloud” feature. Albeit it sounds too robotic when used for a long time, it’s a great feature to use especially when you’re too tired and bored to read. Second, readers can now use pinch-zoom or double-tap-zoom in […]

Amazon Reveals Best-Selling Books Of 2012
We love to write and read. So, if you’re looking for a bunch of good books to read this holiday season, Amazon has prepared a nifty list of best-selling books for you to read. Today, Amazon is announcing the top 10 best-selling books of 2012 overall (print and Kindle combined), as well as the top 10 Kids & Teens books. This year is different. If Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs was […]

Elektrobiblioteka lets you control a computer interface with a book
The very medium through which we read books has changed fundamentally in recent times. While once they used to comprise exclusively of printed paper, they have been carried over to the digital realm and given the form of e-books. We can’t touch them, flip the pages or feel them but we still read them and perhaps with an even greater appetite. So essentially, books are a part of our computing […]

Eterna Cadencia's "The Book That Can't Wait" is written in disappearing ink
How many books do you usually read in a month? Do you usually find yourself buying a new book only to leave it unfinished a few days after getting it? Well, Argentinean independent publishers Eterna Cadencia were able to develop a special ink that will reportedly disappear once it comes in contact with light and air. The special ink is a trade secret of course. But the publishers are publishing […]

Author Terry Deary writes a novel for cellphones
While we have our e-readers and e-books, it looks like author Terry Deary has taken that to the next level, by writing a book entirely on his mobile phone, which is his attempt at getting the youth generation to start reading more books.

Booktrack adds soundtrack to your eBooks
If you enjoy reading books but you’re looking for a more immersive experience without resorting to watching a movie or listening to audio book, Booktrack might have the solution for you. The company has just launched its new technology today with the release of a new novel by Pittacus Lore called The Power of Six. Trying to strike a balance between more immersive and lively entertainment with the experience of […]

BookLamp introduces the " for books"
Music lovers should be familiar with Pandora’s music service, which works by recommending songs to the listener based on what the user has listened to in the past, and users will be able to help refine the recommendations by providing positive or negative feedback for the songs. Well, if you can recommend songs, why can’t you recommend books too, which is what startup company, BookLamp, has set out to do.

Google and the British Library plan to digitize 250,000 out-of-copyright books
Great news for fans out old, out-of-print literature that’s practically impossible to get your hands on nowadays. The British Library and Google have announced that they will be working together to digitize 250,000 out-of-copyright books from the Library’s collections (from years 1700-1870). The aim of this move is to increase access to anyone who wants the books for research or reading purposes.The books will be selected by the British Library, […]

Lendle goes down for a day
Lendle, the book lending service that provides an easy way for users to lend and borrow lendable Amazon books, was shut down yesterday when Amazon decided to revoke Lendle’s access to their APIs. The reason that Amazon gave was that Lendle does not “serve the principal purpose of driving sales of products and services on the Amazon site.” With a statement that vague, it wasn’t clear what they meant. It […]

Barnes & Noble NOOKnewsstand owes its success to the NOOKcolor
Need any more proof that the NOOKnewsstand by Barnes & Noble is a money maker? Barnes & Noble has just announced that the digital bookstore has exceeded 650,000 total subscriptions and single copy sales since they introduced the NOOKcolor (a full-color reading tablet) 2 months ago. That’s more sales than they were able to achieve during the past 12 months before the tablet was released. Talk about success – especially […]