You know, I have always wondered about something – vegetarians who do not want to eat meat don’t mind going for “fake” meat that is made out of vegetable content, but those normally are not too healthy after all the processing that is done to the veg. Understandably though, folks who want to quit smoking might want to check out alternatives such as electronic cigarettes, and blu Cigs is an e-cigarette brand which will offer both style and flavor, not to mention a more social experience with the new blu Smart Pack.


This e-cig experience will feature a homing device feature that will help it locate other blu users close by, placing an automatic order whenever your cartridge supply gets low, not to mention boasting superior battery life and flavor.

The built-in ID technology will detect and let you know whenever there is a fellow blu user or blu retail location within a 50-foot range. Talk about e-smoking being a more social experience than ever before! At least you won’t run the risk of getting cancer with this pack of e-smokes. [Press Release]

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