Lie detectors are not 100% correct all the time – they say that you will be able to bypass it by placing a thumbtack in your shoe, pressing the sharp point against your toe to prick yourself whenever you are asked a question that you cannot get away without lying so that it will upset the final reading. Well, perhaps the authorities do have a secret weapon that we are not aware of, and here is word of it – a spanking new and sophisticated camera system which is capable of detecting lies through the biometric reading of your face whenever you make conversation.

This computerized system will rely on your everyday video camera (High Definition, I presume), a high-resolution thermal imaging sensor alongside a suite of algorithms, and according to researchers behind the system, it is powerful enough to be part of a security service setup.

The success rate of determining the truth and lies has been around 67% so far, according to lead researcher Professor Hassan Ugail from Bradford University. It has taken years of research that has been invested into this particular system on how humans tend to reveal one’s emotions in an unconscious and involuntary manner, letting subtle changes of expression and the flow of blood to our skin show just how you feel about a particular matter – and it might cause you to stumble in the face of this system.

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