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3D Printer Could Serve Up A New Heart
3D printing has certainly improved by leaps and bounds over the years, although this does not mean that one will be able to simply print whatever one likes out of the blue. Well, it seems that 3D printers might have a major role to play in the realm of medical science in the near future as the target of using 3D printers to churn out organs start to become a […]

Smartphones Could Feature Embedded Fingerprint Scanner In Display Soon
The South Korean biometric giant known as CrucialTek has managed to win a patent approval not too long ago concerning its embedded fingerprint sensing technology. This particular embedded fingerprint sensing technology will be able to be installed within an area on the display panel itself, and this translates to saving up more space, since there is no need to waste any precious space as the scanner or touch-based fingerprint reader […]

Eyelock Myris Review
Given the rate at which emails and passwords are being stolen or leaked, it is fair to say that Internet security is a problem that concerns every web user. The truth is that the login+password pair is not the greatest way to secure access to your information, but the reality is that the whole web is built around that security scheme. At the moment, no other very exotic form of […]

New Crystal Ceramic Material Could Rival Apple's Sapphire Touch ID
Do you guys think features like a fingerprint scanner will make or break a decision to purchase a particular smartphone? Ever since Apple debuted Touch ID on its iPhone 5s, the rumors have been swirling that Apple’s Android competitors have started to consider adding such a feature to their devices, with the LG G3 being the latest victim of these rumors. Well if ever any Android OEM were to consider […]


PulseWallet Lets You Pay For Items By Scanning Your Wrist
That embarrassing moment when you reach the check out counter and realize you do not have cash on you, or forgot to bring your credit card out with you, could be a thing of the past thanks to a new payment system debuted at CES 2014 by the folks at PulseWallet. Basically what this does is that instead of relying on credit cards or cash, PulseWallet will allow users to […]

Man Implants Large Biometric Computer Chip Into His Forearm
We learned a long time ago people love their technology, with some even going as far as implanting them into their bodies. Earlier this year, we saw a man implant headphones into his ears, and today we’re seeing a man who put a computer inside of his arm.

Fujitsu Esprimo desktops come with palm vein sensors
When it comes to the security of your desktop, what do you normally do when you leave your work space in order to go to the loo, spend an hour or so outside of the office with a client, or just head off to the pantry for a break? Most of us would end up pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys (on a Windows machine, that is) to lock the computer, where […]

Precise Biometrics deliver the Tactivo for greater smartphone security
Security on your smartphone and tablet is of utmost importance, even more so when you carry around with you sensitive data. Well, Precise Biometrics has come up with a special combo fingerprint and smart card reader for the iPhone 4 and the newer iPhone 4S, calling it the Tactivo. An iPad version is in the works which will be revealed later this summer, so a wee bit of patience is […]

Emotion detector knows if you are lying
Lie detectors are not 100% correct all the time – they say that you will be able to bypass it by placing a thumbtack in your shoe, pressing the sharp point against your toe to prick yourself whenever you are asked a question that you cannot get away without lying so that it will upset the final reading. Well, perhaps the authorities do have a secret weapon that we are […]

An ATM designed for the semi-literate and illiterate
ATM machines to most of us are a common sight, and we don’t really have to think twice about how to use it. Yet there are some places in the world where illiteracy is high, or perhaps the concept of an ATM is foreign, so how do you introduce that part of banking to countries like that? How would you explain ATM cards and PIN numbers to people who may […]

TungstenW biometric wallet
The TungstenW biometric wallet offers a unique way to make sure that your credit cards as well as cash remain in a much more secure environment compared to being stashed away in a standard issue wallet. You will need a computer before taking this wallet out for a spin though – it needs to hook up to your computer, where you will then program it with a relevant fingerprint. From […]

VeinID technology at vending machines
Looks like you might be able to purchase a can of Coke using nothing but your finger the next time round, thanks to Hitachi’s “finger vein authentication” (VeinID) technology. This biometric system will rely on finger pulse recognition to find out your identity, and is safe, convenient and efficient since there aren’t any more pesky passwords or PIN numbers to remember – just place your finger and voila! If you […]

Fujitsu PalmSecure LT Just Launched
Fujitsu has just launched a more cost-effective device using its PalmSecure technology that reads a palm’s veins pattern to identify individuals. If you wonder, the blood has to circulate so cutting a hand like it is sometimes shown in movies won’t work with this. We don’t really consider this to be a consumer device, but Fujitsu hopes to gain market share, thanks to a lower price point (how much exactly, […]