EverpixIf you’ve got photos stored all over the place and you wish that you had an easy way to access all of them from one location, you’re in luck. Everpix seems to have the answer for you. Speaking at the recent TechCrunch Disrupt, the folks at Everpix presented its service that helps collect and organize all your photographs and stores it in one location (on the cloud or on your desktop).

Running as an app on your computer (it’s Mac-only for now), Everpix fetches your photographs from all your online services (i.e. Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Instagram), your local galleries (i.e. Adobe Lightroom, Aperture, iPhoto) and even your Gmail messages. If you don’t want every single photo to be downloaded, you can set options to limit which folders you want Everpix to monitor.

Besides collecting the photographs, Everpix also organizes them into albums automatically, which saves you the trouble of doing it manually (if you’re lazy like that). The service can also automatically detects bad photographs (blurry, out of focus, over/underexposed etc) and automatically hides them, though you have the option to unhide them. And if you notice your albums usually consist of hidden photos – I guess you’ll probably need to hone those camera skills.

Photo galleries are set to private by default, but users also have the option to share them with the public. The usual social options are there too – sharing them through email or Facebook and so on. The other great thing about Everpix is its “set it and forget it” nature. You just go about uploading your photos to other services as usual, and Everpix will do the rest.

Everpix will be launching for Mac and iOS first, with Facebook and Gmail support at launch. Other platforms and services will be implemented in the future, and it will be a freemium service. Head here to sign up for the alpha if you’re interested.

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