The Daylight Company has just announced a new table lamp called the Foldi. The lamp uses LED lights and based on the photograph above, it looks pretty darn sleek. It features 30 LEDs so there’s no worry about it being too dim.

It is can be powered by either batteries or even USB, which we’re guessing will be hooked up to your computer. Great for those times at night when a table lamp is all you need, although we’re not sure if you would want to waste a USB port just for the lamp. However if you choose to run it on batteries, you will require 3 x AA batteries, and according to the company it should afford you about 8 hours of light.

The foldable design (as evidenced in the product’s name) means that you will be able to store it away when you don’t need it and also means that you will be able to bring it with you on trips, for example during a plane/car/train ride where you may need the extra lighting. It is expected to retail for £69.99.

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