If modding is your thing, you may have come across our report yesterday where someone managed to get Nintendo Wii games up and running on their Android tablet. Now it looks like there’s another mod out there but this time it combines the Sony PSP together with the Nintendo GameCube, which the modder by the name of Ashen has decided to call the Fusion Micro.

The mod seems relatively complex and we’re not sure if this is something you should try at home, unless you know what you’re doing, but for those just curious, Ashen has get GameCube games running on the PSP, although thanks to the extra processing required, he had to install a fan and a heat sink in the back of the PSP, making the end result about 3-4 times thicker than your regular PSP.

He even added an extra analog stick to mimic the GameCube’s controller along with two card slots for games and emulation. Unfortunately while as cool as it is to be able to play Zelda on a PSP, the battery doesn’t seem to last very long, with Ashen reporting about only 2 hours worth of gameplay. If you’re interested in checking out videos and photos, head on down here, or if you’re more interested in seeing his work log, you can find it here.

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