Duke Nukem

Remember we previously reported about Gearbox mentioning that they had plans to create their own Duke Nukem game? Well, it looks like they’re going to start work on it pretty soon because the company has just posted up a survey about Duke Nukem Forever on its website, inviting people to answer questions about the game, regardless of whether they’ve played it or not. I guess the company is really taking the decisions and ideas of Duke’s fans to heart – which can only be a good thing, seeing how terribly received the latest Duke game was.

After all, how many major developers do you know actually ask their fans about what they want before they even come up with the game? While it could also be a sign that Gearbox might be stuck or out of ideas for the next Duke game – at least they’re giving participants a chance at winning some Gearbox merchandise if they choose to leave their email addresses instead of answering the survey anonymously. Head here to check out the Duke Nukem Forever survey. For those of you who’ve played the game – what did you think of it, and how would you have improved it?

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