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[DEMO Fall 2011] I-Postmortem Limited, a startup based in Palo Alto, today launched two online services at DEMO – and , two complementary elements of the “The World Virtual Cemetery”. is the Virtual World Cemetery, basically each user get her/his virtual I-Tomb where friends and family can create virtual memorials made of photos, videos, texts, music and documents. The site does not sell virtual goods and Jacques Mechelany, CEO, I-Postmortem, told me that he does not have the intention to develop this type of business, in order to respect the deceased people.

Exactly like an “off-line” cemetery, I-Tombs can be visited by friends, family or even the public and visitors can light candles, bring flowers or leave audiovisual messages. The descendants of the deceased act as moderators of the I-Tomb and maintain it. The website is free of advertising.


i-Memorial is a complementary website to i-tomb, it allows the living people to build their virtual memorial and let know their close friends or family how they would like their funerals to be arranged. It is not a replacement for a legal representative.

According the company, the service offers a high level of security, thanks to SAFE HOST, for the three spaces where users store their data:

My Memorial: a space to build the story of your life using the modern Web 2.0 tools and combining text, audio, video, photos. When a user passes away, her/his My Memorial will become her/his I-Tomb on There is a well thought procedure in the system to check whether a person is deceased or not:  one to three “Death Declarators” can be appointed by the user when opening an account, a PDF that summarizes the procedure to declare the user’s death on the website is sent to them, alongside a unique identification code for them to use on i-tomb. There a numbers of detailed procedures that makes the process secure, especially for checking the validity of the information.

My Messages: here users can leave posthumous messages for their loved ones, the messages are available only from the website and are made accessible after their death and only to those who are designated and can answer security questions. Messages can be schedule to be delivered later in time, for specific occasions for example.

My Last Wishes: a place for users where they can arrange all the details of their funerals, the last wishes are sent via text or email to the designated people upon passing.

It is not possible to download back your entire content locally to your computer (it is now possible to do so on Facebook), according to I-Postmortem, to ensure security and prevent potential hacking of accounts.

The World Virtual Cemetery home screen

Pricing and Availability

According to the company, and are designed to be permanent, they are available in 16 languages with an annual fee of US$50 fee for each individual I-Tomb Account and an annual US$120 fee for each individual I-Memorial Account. Several years can be bought in advance .

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