One of the joys of attending LAN parties is that you usually bring your own rig, which means that there’s a degree of comfort and familiarity that comes from using your own computer. However unless you’re using a gaming laptop, lugging around a desktop can be quite tedious, and while you will still have to contend with the various cables and plugs, Lian Li might be able to make carrying your desktop ever so slightly more comfortable.

Lian Li has just unveiled their new desktop casing with the Mini-ITX/DTX PC-TU200 chassis, with one of its unique features being that it comes with handle at the top which gives off the impression of a suitcase. Weighing in a 3.15kg with a 140mm front mounted intake fan, the case will be able to support graphic cards up to 300mm in length, four 3.5” hard drives and a 5.25” bay, HD audio and USB 3.0 I/O ports on the outside.

For those unfamiliar with the Lian Li brand, they are a Taiwan-based company that specializes in creating computer cases (among other things) that are usually made out of brushed or anodized aluminum, with one of their selling points being that they are usually fairly lightweight.

The PC-TU200 chassis is expected to launch end of the month and will retail for $199, so if you’re looking to carry your rig around with you in a more convenient fashion, perhaps this is one casing worth checking out.

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