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Lian Li PC-TU200 chassis looks like a suitcase
One of the joys of attending LAN parties is that you usually bring your own rig, which means that there’s a degree of comfort and familiarity that comes from using your own computer. However unless you’re using a gaming laptop, lugging around a desktop can be quite tedious, and while you will still have to contend with the various cables and plugs, Lian Li might be able to make carrying […]

ROG CG8565 gaming system inspired by stealth fighter
You know those fancy looking stealth fighters that feature weird angles on their respective frames? The whole idea is to remain undetectable by radar, and a special coat of paint helps as well. It might look as though they cannot even take to the skies, but things work differently when you have a bunch of intelligent engineers at the helm of a special defense project, no? What happens when computer […]

Cooler Master Silencio 550 tower case loves shacking up with librarians
Silence is golden, which is why manufacturers of some hardware tout the silence of their devices as part of the deal. Well, Cooler Master, a veteran in churning out PC cases and chassis for the masses, has another tower in the making that will have those who treasure silence lvoe it – the aptly named Silencio 550. Merging style and smoothness, with strength and stealth, Cooler Master’s Silencio 550 has […]

Lian Li launches new high-end cases
Lian Li, manufacturers of high-end, all-aluminum desktop computer chassis has just announced the launch of three new cases. The mid-tower PC-Z60, the full-tower PC-Z720, and the full tower PC-P80N. Inspired by their classic Armorsuit PC-P80 that was released back in 1998, these new cases are designed for high-performance computers that can take advantage of an effective cooling system and neat internals. The cases are made from all-black anodized aluminum to […]


Hello Kitty M11KT Micro ATX case has its fair share of fans
Make no mistake about it, we are very sure that there is a huge following of Hello Kitty fans out there, which is why this cute little white feline has been in business for the longest time already.This cute little M11KT Micro ATX case is now up and available for sale, where you will be able to throw in desktop friendly components such as an Intel Pentium E5700 or E6700 […]

Cubitek goes silent with mid-tower M4 and M4 Silencer computer chassis
Cubitek knows that when it comes to gaming computers, you would want them to be as silent as possible – after all, your ears would much prefer to hear audio from the game instead of the constant whirring fan used to keep its high-end components inside running nice and cool. Well, this has resulted in the mid-tower M4 and M4 Silencer computer chassis, where they were specially designed to silence […]

Cubitek unveils Tattoo Beta, Tattoo Pro and Tattoo Fire computer chassis series
If you’re a really huge fan of body modification and have tattoos all over your body, then you might be interested (if you’re a techie as well, of course) what Cubitek has to offer with its latest range of computer chassis known as the Tattoo Beta, Tattoo Pro and Tattoo Fire. Inspired by tattoos worn by Maori warriors, the “tattoo” graphics on these cases add an imaginary 1GHz burst of […]

NZXT Unveils Phantom Enthusiast Full Tower Chassis
NZXT has just announced the Phantom, touted as the company’s most elegant and intelligent chassis design to date. Aside from looking good, this chassis offers a slew of high performance features that should be enough to satisfy most computer enthusiasts. Features of this chassis include several large fans, dual radiator support, quad watercooling cutouts, and an integrated fan controller for up to five 20W channels. Installation of components is a […]

AOpen Nagas G6 computer chassis
If you have grand plans for your next computer project, then we might want to point you towards the AOpen Nagas G6 computer chassis. This high-end product was specially designed for Micro-ATX and ATX motherboards, targeting gamers who want an extremely high computing performance. You will find that the AOpen Nagas G6 comes in a menacing pure black coat with power supplies mounted at the bottom, capable of holding up […]