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Lian Li Unveils Their First Waterblock
If you’re into building your own computers, Lian Li might be a brand you’re familiar with. The company is known for creating their own computer cases which many DIY enthusiasts have used in the past. However it looks like the company is expanding into other products, like the innards of a computer and have since announced their very first waterblock.Dubbed the CB-01, this is basically the company’s first ever waterblock […]

Lian Li Unveils New Computer Cases That Doubles Up As Desks
When it comes to computer cases, Lian Li is a brand known by many enthusiasts. Now you might recall that last year the company introduced a computer case that was also a desk which is admittedly a rather convenient solution, however the first iteration they put out looked a bit flimsy with its thin legs.Now if you preferred something more sturdy, the company is back for round 2 and with […]

Lian Li Unveils O Series Of Wall-Mounted PC Cases
PC cases come in all shapes and sizes. Some, like those for gaming, tend to be huge due to their ability to house larger and multiple GPUs, plenty of storage, and also to allow for better ventilation. Then you have smaller PCs design to take up less space on the table or in the room. Well if none of these options are suited for your needs, you might be interested […]

Lian Li Unveils PC-V359 And PC-Q36 Modular PC Cases
PC cases come in all shapes and sizes. Some gamers prefer their PC cases to be huge because it allows for better airflow, while others prioritize smaller builds so that it blends in better with their living room, or so that it doesn’t take up too much room on their desk. Well if you’re in need for a small PC case, you might be interested to learn that Lian Li […]


Lian Li's Computer Chassis/Table Hybrid Becomes A Reality
Remember earlier this year, computer case manufacturer Lian Li announced a prototype desktop case in the form of the Lian Li DK01. What made it so special that this is a desk that doubles as a PC case at the same time, but unfortunately at that time, the chassis was only a prototype and was still being decided as to whether it would be a good idea to make it […]

Lian Li DK01 Is A Desk/PC Case Hybrid
For PC building enthusiasts, chances are you might have heard of the Lian Li brand when looking for computer casings to house your hardware in. Lian Li has built a name and a reputation for themselves for creating sleek, high quality cases with pretty decent cooling, which is why it is not surprising that they have gained the reputation that they have.However it seems that Lian Li is trying to […]

Lian Li PC-TU100 Mini ITX Chassis Announced
The Lian Li PC-TU100 is a chassis small enough for gamers to bring with them to LAN parties.

Lian Li PC-TU200 chassis looks like a suitcase
One of the joys of attending LAN parties is that you usually bring your own rig, which means that there’s a degree of comfort and familiarity that comes from using your own computer. However unless you’re using a gaming laptop, lugging around a desktop can be quite tedious, and while you will still have to contend with the various cables and plugs, Lian Li might be able to make carrying […]

Lian Li PC-A05FN all-aluminum computer chassis
Lian Li remains true to its roots by unveiling its latest PC-A05FN all-aluminum computer chassis that will come in silver or black shades. The PSU mount has been positioned behind the front-panel at the base of the case, where it is located directly below the hard drive cage. This unique design characteristic will be accompanied by a reversal of Lian Li’s traditional front-to-back cooling scheme so that it can achieve […]

Lian Li PC-6 mid-tower case
Lian Li also has a new mid-tower PC case for the masses just in case a small form factor setup is not your cup of tea. We are talking about the PC-6 mid-tower case that ought to offer ample space inside to house really large graphics cards – up to 440mm in fact, in eight ventilated PCI brackets that require no tools to use at all.  Apart from that, it […]

Lian Li Desktop PC-C60 case
Lian Li might sound a bit corny when it comes to a company name, but you can be sure that performance enthusiasts who want to build a souped up rig would not discount the kinds of PC chassis that Lian Li offer, and their latest all-aluminum chassis model would be the HTPC/Desktop PC-C60. This will be the latest addition to their Domus series of the HTPC range, where it will […]

Lian Li launches new high-end cases
Lian Li, manufacturers of high-end, all-aluminum desktop computer chassis has just announced the launch of three new cases. The mid-tower PC-Z60, the full-tower PC-Z720, and the full tower PC-P80N. Inspired by their classic Armorsuit PC-P80 that was released back in 1998, these new cases are designed for high-performance computers that can take advantage of an effective cooling system and neat internals. The cases are made from all-black anodized aluminum to […]

Lian Li PC-U6 Cowry PC case turns on the style
Lian Li has been out of the news for quite some time already, so it is rather pleasant to hear that they are back with a spanking new special edition PC case known as the PC-U6 Cowry. This will be an all-black (to look more menacing, we might add) PC case that sports the rather unique design characteristics of a seashell. At last, you need not have another boring, rectangular […]

Lian Li T1 Casing Looks Like A Fierce Spider
Don’t want your casing to look like everybody else’s casing? Well, the Lian Li T1 spider casing is certainly not your average casing, as it looks very much like a four-legged spider. In reality it’s an open-air test bench, allowing you to quickly assemble and disassemble mini-ITX systems, particularly useful when benchmarking hardware. Despite its weird design, it still allows you to fit in a mini-ITX motherboard, 5.25-inch slim CD-ROM […]

Lian Li PC-V351 Review (HTPC aluminum case)
I’ve recently severed ties with Cable TV and I use a PC to watch Hulu and Netflix to get my daily fix of TV shows. Even live programs like CNN could not keep me from going “web” and so far, I really like it. I’m currently using a Cooler Master Wave my Home Theater PC case, but when I got a chance to look at the Lian Li PC-V351, I […]