Mother always said not to judge a book by its cover, and in this case, not to judge a device’s capability by its size. The Logitech Harmony Link is a tiny device that was specially designed to sit comfortably next to your HDTV, while “speaking” over Wi-Fi thanks to the free Logitech Harmony Link App for iPad. Once you go through the painless setup process, the Logitech Harmony Link and the Logitech Harmony Link App will play nice with one another, allowing iPad users to browse through a personalized schedule of their favorite shows, channels and genres in order to select something that will provide passive entertainment after a hard day at the office – with but a single touch, of course.

This is much more than just a personalized program guide for iPad users – leveraging Logitech Harmony technology will enable activity- and device-based control in a jiffy, and the Harmony Link will automatically switch your devices to the right settings so that you need not fret about trying to remember which remote is for what, or manually switching inputs.

Capable of hooking up to your current wireless network at home in order to receive Wi-Fi signals from the Harmony Link App, transforming them into IR commands which are easily recognized by home-entertainment devices, the Harmony Link will be able to control up to eight devices. Being roughly the size of a hockey puck, it can integrate neatly and discreetly with your home entertainment system.

Expect to pick up the Logitech Harmony Link sometime next month in the US for $99.99, alongside the corresponding free app downloads in October. [Press Release]

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