While both Mac and Windows computers have pros and cons (I’m not going to get into a debate about which one is better) there’s one thing that Macs have consistently been beating Windows in, and that is the “out of box experience” (OOBE). Macs require very little setting up to do, users can basically plug the computer in, turn it on and start using it within a couple of minutes. For fresh computers with Windows, there is a lot of setting up to do, updating of drivers, and removal of bloatware and so on.

This is mainly because Microsoft doesn’t control the hardware that their Windows operating system is on – while Apple is in charge from building the computer all the way to the packaging of the product. Apple’s strictness ensures that users will be able to have a good OOBE. It looks like Microsoft is going to take a leaf from Apple’s books to ensure a similar experience for Windows computers.

No, Microsoft isn’t going to start manufacturing its own PCs, but it has launched the Signature program in hopes of getting the OOBE right. For computers that are sold at Microsoft Retail outlets, they will all carry a Signature tag, which means the computers can be plugged in, turned on, and up and running within a few minutes. Signature PCs will come with no bloatware, all the latest drivers, and the latest version of the operating system, which means that users won’t have to spend a lot of time setting up their computers before use.

That sounds like a great idea, which would be extremely beneficial to users who buy their own PCs instead of building them – this also means that users will all be able to have the same Windows experience no matter what brand of computer they buy (as long as they carry the “Signature”). Find out more about Signature.

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