Motorola Atrix 2
A couple of days ago, the Motorola Atrix 2 was spotted in the wild, and now it looks like the phone has surfaced again. This time in the hands of the folks at This Is My Next, who got more than just a screenshot of the device – they got to play around with the phone and even ran some benchmark tests on it too. The phone has been codenamed “Edison” and according to their first impression, “it looks and feels fantastic.” The phone packs more curves than the regular Motorola Android device and looks like it could be from HTC or Samsung.

But one thing that makes the Atrix 2 stand out from other Motorola phones is that it doesn’t use the PenTile pixel arrangement for its display. Folks who dislike Motorola’s usage of PenTile displays won’t have a reason to shy away from the Atrix 2. The phone will run on Android 2.3.5 and won’t be filled with bloatware, with most of the preloaded apps being removable by the user. Fortunately, the Moto Blur UI has been revamped to be more lightweight as well, so that’s a plus point for people who disliked previous versions of Blur.

According to This Is My Next, the phone couldn’t connect to AT&T’s LTE service and only managed HSPA+ instead – which falls in line with previous rumors about the phone not being LTE-capable, but that has yet to be determined. No word on a release time or a price, but AT&T would do well to put the phone on the shelves before Ice Cream Sandwich drops, along with the newer phones running it. Head to the source link for more details about benchmark results and speed tests.

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