DROID Bionic
Whenever a new gadget is released, like clockwork, you can expect the iFixit gang to get their paws on it for their trademark disassemblies. This time it’s Motorola’s long-awaited Android superphone – the DROID Bionic. As usual, iFixit managed to take the phone apart, detailing the whole process as they went along, revealing all the parts that went into the construction of the phone (no they’re not robot parts, as much as the advert would like you to believe).

Judging by what the iFixit folks reported, the DROID Bionic is very neat on the inside, with parts placed mostly on one side of the board, and a reparability score of 9/10 which means it should be no problem to fix yourself – should the need ever arise. Head over to iFixit for the full report and high resolution photographs of the phone’s insides. Be sure to check out our DROID Bionic review if you haven’t already.

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