Remember playing multiplayer games on your console on your television set? The screen would basically split into 2-4 portions, with each portion for a player. This seemed to be the obvious solution at that time, although this probably lead to players cheating by looking at each other’s portions of the screen. It also did not allow players to enjoy the full screen display, and this was worse if the host did not have a big screen, which means everyone had to squint at their own portions.

LG has decided to solve that dilemma by introducing a technology they’re calling “Dual Play” which allows multiplayer games to be enjoyed on a full screen. First off this would require the host to own a 3D television set, and it would require both players to wear 3D glasses. How it works is that the 3D display will overlap two 2D displays on top of each other. One player will wear 3D glasses with two left eye lenses while the other wears two right eye lenses.

The end result is that both players will be able to see their section of the game in full screen, and this will probably help reduce cheating as well. This is similar to Sony’s technology with the key difference being that LG’s polarized glasses are cheaper than Sony’s. According to LG, this technology is said to be able to work on any of their Cinema 3D displays, with the glasses to be included with their LW980 television sets, although LG mentioned that by swapping out the lenses, players could achieve the same effect.

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