Articles about stereo 3d

NVIDIA has launched its second generation of stereo 3D technology which improves many aspects of using stereo 3D on computers.  For a starter, 3D Vision 2 is designed to make the experience more immersive. To achieve that goal, NVIDIA has designed the active shutter glasses with a 20% larger lens so that players don’t see the frames (as much as possible).NVIDIA’s partners now provide monitors that are up to 27″ […]

New 3D handheld display could change the way things work
Stereoscopic 3D is definitely the way forward, but in the mean time, the adoption rate for 3D TVs as well as the Nintendo 3DS and 3D-capable smartphones aren’t too encouraging since most people see it not as a necessity but more of a novelty instead. IEE, Inc. might want to turn that perception around as they have integrated 3M’s revolutionary 3D film that does not need any 3D glasses to […]

Multiplayer gaming on full screen thanks to LG
Remember playing multiplayer games on your console on your television set? The screen would basically split into 2-4 portions, with each portion for a player. This seemed to be the obvious solution at that time, although this probably lead to players cheating by looking at each other’s portions of the screen. It also did not allow players to enjoy the full screen display, and this was worse if the host […]

MasterImage 3D displays said to be 500% more accurate than the 3DS
Earlier this year at MWC 2011 in February, we reported about the next generation in glasses-free stereoscopic 3D displays from MasterImage 3D. Well the company recently gave the folks at Venture Beat a demonstration of their latest displays who have reported back with pleasing reports. According to them MasterImage 3D’s working prototype of its “cell matrix parallax barrier” technology display works fantastically. It is said to leave Sharp’s glasses-free 3D display […]


Loewe unveils Art and Connect series 3D TVs
Interested in getting your hands on a brand new 3D television? If so, Loewe has announced today a trio of 3D enabled flatscreen televisions in their Art and Connect series with the 40” Connect 3D, and 40” and 46” Art 3D.

Panasonic introduces "world's lightest" 3D glasses
If you’re someone who wears glasses, then watching 3D movies in the cinema must be a rather uncomfortable experience since you would have to wear the 3D glasses on top of your regular prescription glasses. I know that feeling, and even though it is bearable, it’s probably not the most enjoyable experience. The good news is that Panasonic has come up with a new pair of 3D glasses that should […]

Asus MeMo glasses-free 3D tablet at Computex 2011
Stereoscopic 3D technology is being pushed by many consumer electronics manufacturers as the next frontier for your living room, and we have seen models which feature active shutter as well as passive shutter glasses, but the next big step would be to enjoy 3D viewing without the need to wear those glasses. Such thinking has seen prototypes being developed, and the same applies for computer monitors and now, tablets.3D tablets […]

The iPad 2 is capable of glasses-free 3D
Who would’ve thought that we’d see glasses-free3D on the iPad 2? Well thanks to some researchers at France’s Engineering Human-Computer Interaction Research Group (EHCI), they’ve found a way to recreate the whole glasses-free 3D experience. The researchers developed a hack called the Head-Coupling Perspective which takes advantage of the iPad 2’s camera to track the position and movement of the tablet user’s head and adjusts the image onscreen accordingly. With […]

Toshiba P770, P775 Laptops Feature 3D Webcams
Toshiba has been leading the charge with glasses-less 3D displays, but the company has a series of laptops that take a step back on the display (it requires glasses for 3D), but makes a small step forward in 3D content creation. Thanks to a pair of webcams embedded directly in the display frame, users can record 3D content that is supposedly viewable immediately on the laptop’s monitor, or better yet, […]

Samsung 55-inch glasses-less 3DTV demonstrated
Samsung has demonstrated its 55″ glasses-less 3DTV at FPD China, an event dedicated to displays. The prototype supports a 1080p resolution. Back in October 2010, Toshiba had demonstrated the Regza GL1 (read our Regza GL1 hands-on), a similar concept. Samsung goes farther and enables a “2D mode” that turns this TV into a… “normal” TV, which is a relief for everyone involved. The 3D technology seems to be a bit […]

Rightware's stereoscopic 3D Android homescreen pictured
[MWC 2011] Rightware, the company behind Audi’s MMI interface, will be showing off its new Stereoscopic 3D interface for the Android home screen at Mobile World Congress. The 3D home screen is based on the company’s Kanzi UI, a platform for displaying complex 3D UIs on mobile devices. The company claims that they have the world’s first fully functioning stereoscopic 3D homescreen for Android. Pictures of the interface have surfaced […]

HP Envy 17 and HP Envy 17 3D Update
[CES 2011] HP is launching only one new laptop at CES, and for the rest, the number one PC manufacturer in the world is mostly updating existing products with the Intel Core processor second generation. The Envy 17, first introduced in May, now gets the HP CoolSense technology and the new Intel Core processor with multi-core Turbo Boost. AMD switchable graphics technology allows to dynamically switch from integrated graphics to […]

3D makes a splash in British classrooms
Just before you come to the conclusion that stereoscopic 3D effects are just meant for movies and the video game crowd, along comes a new method of getting the message across to students – with pupils in Biology class figuring out how a chest works while wearing 3D glasses and having a 3D-enabled projector churn out those images. The 3D thorax that caused a whole lot of excitement actually elicited […]

LG A510 offers stereoscopic 3D in premium notebook format
Stereoscopic 3D is big – so huge that it has made its way to TVs and projectors. Now, it is available on notebooks as well, with LG delivering 3D viewing on their A510. While it is not the first in the world, it has been touted to be the first premium notebook to deliver cinematic 3D experience at near Full HD quality. To do this, you get a 15.6-inch Full […]