When it comes to land animals, none are faster than the cheetah, as it zips about at speeds of 112km/h to 120 km/h, albeit for short distances of less than a kilometer. Of course, even at that kind of speed, it is not always able to capture a prey successfully, which is a waste considering the kind of effort it had spent. Well, smartphones can also measured by speed for those who are interested, and the Samsung Galaxy S2 (read our Galaxy S2 review) which is equipped with an ARM Mali-400 graphics processor (GPU) has been found by independent reviewers at AnandTech to be the fastest smartphone GPU.

Their own review of the Galaxy S2 resulted in the conclusion that the Mali-400 is the fastest GPU to date amongst smartphones, placing it in second place only behind Apple’s iPad 2 tablet – which only remotely qualifies since a tablet has more room for higher clocks and thermal dissipation than a smartphone. Would this piece of news make you go out and purchase a Samsung Galaxy S2 simply for bragging rights?

Editor’s note: keep in mind that benchmarks describe synthetic performance on specific tasks. They do not tell the whole story.

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