What’s the best way to sell an almost 5-year-old gaming console, that’s rumored to be replaced sometime soon, but still has some value today? You repackage it as a special limited-edition device of course! And that’s what the folks over at Sony are doing with the aging PlayStation 3. The company has just announced that it will be releasing the “PlayStation 3 NINOKUNI magical edition” for fans of the upcoming fantasy RPG, Ni No Kuni, later this year.

The limited edition console will receive a classy looking coat of pearl paint, and will have the PS3 logo and a character from Ni No Kuni on the top of console in gold. The bundled dual-shock controller will be treated similarly as well, making it one of the most elegant-looking PS3 consoles. It will go on sale in Japan only starting on November 17th for about $443 – so if you plan to get your hands on this limited edition PS3, you better start planning your trip there soon. The Ni No Kuni game will be sold separately for $115.

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