Bicycles are great for getting around the city as they don’t require fuel like motorbikes and they’re also considerably cheaper too, not to mention in some cities you can even bring your bike along with you while you ride the subway. Unfortunately due to the compactness and portability of a bicycle, it means that more often than not they end up getting stolen, regardless of how you lock your bicycle – if there is a will, there is a way.

There are many reasons why people steal bicycles – it could be for resale value of the entire bike itself, or it could be for parts or it could be because the thief wants to ride the bike themselves. Enter the StayLocked which is a unique way of locking your bicycle by making the lock a part of the bike itself, which means if the thief were to destroy the lock, they would end up destroying the bike, rendering it unridable and essentially without value, save for scavenging the bicycle parts.

How this works is through the lock which is built in to a pair of tubes extending from the back wheel to the seat. Due to the design of the lock, which is integrated into an integral part of the bicycle’s frame, should the thief break the lock, the seat stays will not be able to handle the weight of the rider thus causing the bike to collapse.

If you’re a cyclist and you can appreciate this level of security, the bad news is that due to it being a custom design, the frame remains a prototype although its creator, Andrew Leinonen, is hoping that perhaps one of the larger bike companies (such as Giant or Trek) will pick it up.

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