With USB 3.0 promising faster transfer rates, we’re sure that there are many users out there who would love to get their hands on a USB 3.0 external hard drive, but the good news is that instead of spending $80-$100 on a new USB 3.0 external hard drive, you can instead opt for the $29 Super Talent USB 3.0 Storage POD Enclosure.

Granted this will save you quite a bit of money, but at the same time it will require you to do a little tinkering, assuming that you’re up for the task of course. The procedure does not appear to be overly complicated and will not require you having an engineering degree to accomplish, only a ordinary screw driver.

All you’d have to do is remove your external hard drive from its casing, install it into the Super Talent’s enclosure and you’re good to go. The only kicker is that your current SATA hard drive needs to be 2.5” in size or an SSD for it to work. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in but you’re a little skeptical over the installation process, check out the video below.

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