When it comes to computer games, those on the Windows platform benefit far more than folks using Mac OS X – there is just no comparison, although some basic staples such as Diablo, Starcraft and of course, Warcraft (hey, all of those are Blizzard titles!) do rear their heads on both platforms. Well, it seems that native Unreal Engine 3 support has just been announced for the Mac, thanks to the free-to-use Unreal Development Kit.

This does not come as a surprise since Epic has been a long time supporter of Apple’s Mac OS X-derived mobile operating system known as iOS. In addition to that, consistent Mac support from developers like Valve and Blizzard have also increased Mac OS X’s case for a viable gaming platform – and Mac support from Unreal Engine 3 will definitely be able to push the case for more games on Mac OS X – and not just from Epic themselves.

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