What does vampire teeth have to do with gadgets? No, what you see on the right is not some sort of Halloween add-on in your mouth – it is vampire teeth that are fastened onto your actual teeth. How did she get it done? Why, a little help from some dentistry gadgets, of course! Dr. Yoko Kashiyama and her staff currently offer vampire teeth to anyone willing to fork out enough yen for it, being part of their many diagnostic, hygienic and cosmetic dentistry services.

Of course, the kind of ‘fangs’ that Dr. Yoko comes up with aren’t as menacing as what you would see in a Hollywood vampire film, but this purely cosmetic procedure will definitely leave a mark in you (and perhaps, on your lover?).

These will be fastened to your canines using non-permanent adhesive, and since each person is different, they have been tailored for fit like a glove, not to mention being applied in a similar way. I guess if you’re feeling rich, you would not mind making an appointment with Dr. Yoko and fly there to help her out in your Halloween preparations…

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