Sometimes, it does boggle the mind how does something jive with another – you would never in a million years thought that Wii games might end up being ported over to the Android platform, would you? Guess we humans love taking what others deem as “impossible” and turn them into reality – which is why someone discovered a new way to play Wii games on an Android-powered tablet.

Obviously the Force is strong with Obiwan222222 (although he calls himself “Obiwan 22” in the video in the extended post), where he relied on the Splashtop Remote Desktop App (an Android app that will remotely connect and access your computer via VNC), the Dolphin Emulator, and a wireless Xbox 360 controller to get the entire setup going. With the wireless remote being connected to the Asus Eee Pad Transformer’s keyboard dock, while the Dolphin Emulator will be used to run the Wii.

With the Splashtop Remote Desktop App, it will hook up to the PC which runs the Dolphin emulator, making it possible for you to enjoy Wii games on the Android tablet. Nice – now check out a video of the setup in action after the jump.

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